When Tom Holland tried to pitch Uncharted to Zendaya: “What the hell is that?”

Tom Holland and Zendaya

“It was on the set of Spider-Man that I spoke to Zendaya about the film. I detailed everything to her, scene by scene…”

Tom Holland is doubly a hit at the box office these days, thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Homebut also Uncharted, the adaptation of the famous video game saga. Invited to Late Show by Seth Meyerthe 25-year-old comedian revealed that he tried to explain this adventure film to his girlfriend, Zendayawho plays MJ in Sony and Marvel super-movies. “It’s on the set of Spiderman I told Zendaya about the movie. I detailed everything to him, scene by scene, and I said to him: ‘Oh, there’s a great part where I get hit by a car while I’m on a plane.’ And she was like: ‘Wait, stop. What is that thing ? But what is this film about?’

Crazier Than Spider-Man, Tom Holland’s Crazy Uncharted Movie Stunt

Tom Holland then says that if he was very impatient to shoot certain stunts himself, including that of the plane which directly resumes a sequence of the game Uncharted 3 and which was widely teased during the promotion of the film, he quickly became disillusioned once on board: “You’re told, ‘So, you’re going to perform the following stunt: jump out of the back of a plane, then get hit by a car that’s also coming out of that same thing. So you think: ‘Wow! It looks amazing!’ then you shoot the scene in question, and arrived at the 12th take, when they ask you if we can redo it, you answer: ‘No, it’s okay, I’m done. ‘ It was hard.”

Here is the trailer forUnchartedcurrently in theaters:

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