Where is the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder?

Chris Hemsworth officially announces the launch of the promo for this sequel, but without a trailer. For the moment…

Thor: Love and Thunder is expected in cinemas on July 13, 2022, but three months before that date, Marvel has still not unveiled its official trailer. Nor images of the film elsewhere: only the logo is currently available. We know that the output of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness will be accompanied by Avatar 2 trailerby James Cameron, blockbuster also produced by Disney, but for the moment, the firm has not communicated on the first images of Thor 4always carried by Chris Hemsworth and staged by Taika Waititiwho had proposed a very fun film with Ragnarokin 2017.

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An absence of promotion all the more surprising as the tour has begun: the star posted on instagram this photo with the director and his partner Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), with this comment: “We left for a long promotional campaign for Thor Love and Thunder with these two wonderful beings. A day full of nonsense and hilarity. Get ready guys, this movie is going to be crazy!!” This shot reminded some Marvel fans of the first reaction videos of the cast of a Marvel super-movie or super-series when discovering the trailer, for example Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon in front of that of Spider-Man: No Way Home or registration ofOscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke in front of the video of Moon Knight. Did Taika, Chris and Tessa record a reaction to the first trailer for Thor 4, this week ? If so, does that mean the trailer will be uploaded very soon?

There are rumors in Hollywood that producer Kevin Feige is actually waiting for the release of Doctor Strange 2 to really start the “teasing” of Thor 4, because Sam Raimi’s film would contain an important twist for the future of the MCU. An element of scenario concerning Jane Foster, played again by Natalie Portman? Or maybe in relation to Gorr the God Butcher, the new character played by Christian Bale, what will the God of Thunder have to face? In any case, it would be spoiler enough for Marvel to prefer to wait until the last moment to be able to mention it in the trailer for Love and Thunder. A strategy reminiscent of the one implemented for Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), released shortly after Avengers: Endgamewhose promo clearly evoked the disappearance of Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Some also mention the possibility of releasing this film without a trailer, as the MCU has become popular in recent years and would not really need an official teaser to attract audiences to cinemas. An idea that seems far-fetched, however, Marvel having so far always taken advantage of the close releases of its films and annual events with large audiences, such as the Super Bowl, to promote their blockbusters to the widest possible audience. The trailers ofAvengers: Endgame or of No Way Home in particular beat records of views on the webpredicting their crazy success in dark rooms.

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