Where’s Anne Frank! : the sublime trailer for the new Ari Folman, selected at Cannes [exclu]

The new feature film from the director of Valse avec Bachir is unveiled.

Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman signs its big comeback with its new animated film, Where’s Anne Frank!, which will be presented in Cannes this Friday. A story inspired by the famous Anne Frank Diary, which gives life to Kitty, the imaginary friend to whom the book was dedicated. The latter comes to life nowadays in the house where Anne had taken refuge with her family, in Amsterdam, and will go looking for her in the company of her friend Peter, a young boy who comes to the aid of illegal refugees.

Where’s Anne Frank! Visually promises to be sublime, with a poetic and universalist message that promises to transcend the spectators. We invite you to discover exclusively the trailer for the film, which will be released in France on November 24 via Le Pacte.

The first images of the animated film Where is Anne Frank!

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