Which film will represent France at the Oscars? Bac Nord, Titane or L’Evénement?

The works of Cédric Jimenez, Julia Ducournau and Audrey Diwan are in the running.

The preselection of feature films likely to represent France at the 2022 Oscars has just been unveiled: it will be played between Titanium, the film by Julia Ducournau which received the Palme d’Or during the last Cannes film festival, The event, by Audrey Diwan, honored with Golden lion at the Venice Film Festival, and North Bac, by Cédric Jimenez, who did not receive such awards, but is among the biggest hits of the year in France thanks to nearly 2 million entries.

While waiting to know which of the three will be selected (the favorite will be announced on Tuesday, October 12), here is some info on the three films. Note that Audrey Diwan is linked to two of them: in addition to having written and directed The Event, it appears in the scenario of North Bac.

The story of The event : Based on the eponymous novel by Annie Ernaux.

I got pregnant like a poor girl. The story of Anne, a very young woman who decides to have an abortion in order to finish her studies and escape the social fate of her proletarian family. The story of France in 1963, of a society which condemns the desire of women, and sex in general. A simple and hard story retracing the path of who decides to act against the law. Anne has little time in front of her, the exams are approaching, her belly is rounded …

Audrey Diwan: “When you let women make films, there is a chance that they will win prizes”

The story of Titanium : At an airport, customs inspectors pick up a young man with a swollen face. He says his name is Adrien Legrand, a child who disappeared 10 years ago. For Vincent, his father, it’s a long nightmare that ends when he brings him home. At the same time, a series of grisly murders puts the region under pressure. Alexia, a hostess in a car salon, has everything a designated victim.

Première’s criticism:

Five years later Serious and her global buzz that began at Critics’ Week under the nose and beard of the official selection, Julia Ducournau is now aiming for the Palme. This does not mean to say that she has dressed her cinema in fine attire suitable for seducing an audience disguised for the occasion. As we know, on the Croisette, the fantastic eruptions divide more than they unite. Titanium with its crumpled sheet metal, its damaged bodies, its bloody metamorphoses, its poisoned secretions, is undoubtedly what we will see of the most agitated and uneasy of the present vintage. We therefore thank the filmmaker for this call for air – and when we know to what extent the universe she offers here is stifled and compartmentalized, the notion of air is quite relative.

Like Serious – and the short film Junior before him -, Titanium is the story of a mutation. Or how to apprehend a body that nature forces us to exhibit and support? Scratched, scarified, damaged, eaten, sucked, the skin suffers a thousand outrages. Julia Ducournau is the apostle of a carnivorous cinema. After an intro of which we will not reveal anything and which ensures a form of continuity with the previous film, we discover the heroine Alexia (the revelation Agathe Rousselle) in full striptease in a tuning room in front of an audience of horny men. . But the tall blonde has eyes only for the gleaming cabin whose shapes she sensually marries. His gestures, both mechanical and shocked, immediately reveal a shady fragility. As soon as Alexia leaves the headlights, the film will gradually sink into a deep night. A night when all rest is forbidden. In this world (the film was shot in the south of France), the threat is permanent: children disappear, savage crimes take place … Alexia, child-adult seems totally unsuited. She discovers otherness but does not know how to do it. La Justine de Serious (Garance Marillier) will pay the price. Alexia is more comfortable in the passenger compartment of a car to vibrate the interior leather and the ceiling light (special dedication to the Christine by John Carpenter!) (read more here)

Trailer :

Julia Ducournau looks back on the Palme d’Or de Titane: “I was in a state of absolute confusion”

The story of North Bac : 2012.The northern districts of Marseille hold a sad record: the area with the highest crime rate in France. Pushed by its hierarchy, the North BAC, a field brigade, constantly seeks to improve its results. In a high-risk sector, the cops adapt their methods, sometimes crossing the yellow line. Until the day when the legal system turns against them …

Première’s criticism: Unlike the characters of L.627, those from North Bac happily cross the yellow line. With the tacit consent of their boss, Greg (Gilles Lellouche), Antoine (François Civil) and Yass (Karim Leklou) decide to set a trap for drug caps, a trap for which they need a large sum of money. money that they cannot ask the administration for and that they will get… by racking up dealers! An aberrant operation, symptomatic of a judicial system incapable of responding to the development and hardening of petty and petty crime. How, however, did they come to this? The main reason advanced by the film (which is based on the minutes of the trial and the testimonies of the three defendants from which it is based) is a generalized fed up with these cops in the field, insulted, heckled, humiliated by the city thugs they are regularly confronted with. ” You know what ? We no longer serve anything “, Greg laments to a colleague, after returning from an ultra-tense face-to-face with young people. (the rest is to read here)

Trailer :

François Civil and Gilles Lellouche – Bac Nord: “I do not believe that the film is subject to controversy”

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