While waiting for Bojangles: Virginie Efira, once again irresistible [critique]

The director of Populaire adapts Olivier Bourdeault’s bestseller. A new devilish romantic episode from the Virginie Efira cinematic universe.

When, still a real estate agent, Olivier Bourdeault sends by post his first novel on which he had worked for two years, how to imagine the success story who will follow? Because best-seller covered with prizes and laudatory reviews, already adapted in comics, in radio play and in the theater, its Waiting for Bojangles knows a new life, on the big screen, where we find Camille and Georges, this couple who consider life with their son only through the prism of pleasure and fantasy, far from the banality of everyday life. And this until the day when Camille goes a little too far into madness and becomes a threat to herself and others. After the missed Translators, Régis Roinsard here reconnects with a colorful universe Popular, especially in the first part of a story that he manages to make his own without betraying it. By his decision to tell this story from the point of view of Georges (Romain Duris, seductive in an energy close to Arnacoeur) and not of his son or by frankly distancing himself from the novel in its last part. We feel the filmmaker more at ease in the joyful moments when playfulness is in charge. But when the tone becomes darker or even desperate, he can rely on a Virginie Efira, at ease, in all registers. From jokes to tragedy. Because she knows how to put the tragic in the joy and the frivolity in the drama. It is she who sets the tempo of the story, its bursts of laughter, its moments of great emotion. She may squat the screens at a hellish pace, we never get tired of it!

By Régis Roinsard. With Romain Duris, Virginie Efira, Grégory Gadebois … Duration: 2h05. Released on January 5, 2022

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