While waiting for season 3, The Boys launches Seven on 7, a “canon” web spin-off and unmissable

The Boys Vaught 7 show

A fake program on Fox News, which tells what happened to the Supes and “makes the connection” between seasons 2 and 3, explains the showrunner.

Since July 7, the Seven of The Boys are entitled to a new show that fans of the Amazon series won’t want to miss: Seven on 7 ! Prime Video has uploaded to YouTube, via the Vought International channel, a sort of spin-off dedicated to the web, which takes the form of a television newscast presented by a certain Cameron Coleman.

In a setting and with a tone to Fox News, he tells us the latest information on Supes from the world of The Boys. We learn that Homelander has been living as a recluse since his break with Stormfront and the latter’s betrayal, thus sold to the general public. We learn that the MP who makes heads fart, Victoria Newman, has officially recruited Hugh Campbell as an analyst in his team, as a teaser at the end of season 2. We learn that Starlight is at the top of the charts with his hit “Never Truly” Vanish “, a song dedicated to the death of Translucend.

Mostly, Seven on 7 manages to resume the irreverent and sarcastic tone of The Boys, making fun of the American patriotism that drips from the show and even the fake advertisement for the brand of sheets “Our Sheets” with obvious Trumpist tendencies …

Carried out with care, Seven on 7 isn’t just there to make the fans laugh. According to showrunner Eric Kripke, the purpose of this show is squarely to “to make the connection“between seasons 2 and 3 of The Boys. “From the very beginning of the series we have caught a glimpse of that arm of Vought’s propaganda that is the VNN news channel. We’re going to dig deeper to find out who these Patriots are next season. So as a teaser, we present upstream Seven on 7, with VNN’s biggest star Cameron Coleman, ” Kripje has fun in The Wrap, before specifying that each episode, everything that is said in this mini-web-series is “cannon“and discloses, in fact,”brand new information that bridges the gap between seasons 2 and 3 … “

The Boys: season 3 will “blow a cable” to fans

Seven on 7 will be entitled to a new episode every 7th day of the month, until the release of Season 3 of The Boys.

No launch date has yet been set by Amazon, but that is already causing fans to speculate, who imagine there will be seven episodes of Seven on 7, which would make the show last until January 2022, which could mean that season 3 of The Boys will start on this date or maybe the following month … February 7th?

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