Who is Gorr the “Butcher of the Gods”, villain of Thor: Love and Thunder?

Over 3,000 years old, he has made it his mission to bring down all the gods of the universe…

The new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunderreleased this week online, finally unveils Christian Bale at Marvel, in the skin of Gorr, alias the “Butcher of the gods”. But who is this terrifying new villain, powerful enough to make life difficult for Thor and his Mighty Thor? Spoiler alert!

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First, you should know that this is a very recent character in comics, only created in 2013 by screenwriter Jason Aaron and designer Russell Dauterman. There is an alien from an unknown planet, who gets his immense power from Knull’s symbiote (yes, a bit like Venom). Over 3,000 years old, he is notably endowed with superhuman strength, is able to fly at close to the speed of light and he can also control shadows (to create weapons or minions).

But why is he nicknamed the “Butcher of the gods”? Because he has a habit of killing the gods in packs of ten!

Why so much hate? He blames himself for not having saved his family when he was a child. Gorr saw his people starve to death, praying day after day, believing that their gods would inexorably save them. But no. Then Gorr’s sadness turned to anger. And then one day, a sword fell into his hands…

Who is Gorr the "Butcher of the Gods", villain of Thor: Love and Thunder?

How can he kill the Gods, immortals, in theory? Gorr has access to an incredibly powerful weapon with a name that also kills: All-Black the Necrosword. A special sword, which emerged from Knull’s shadow and has a somewhat torturous origin tied to Venom and the Symbiote in the comics. In summary, she is made of living dark energy that can manifest all sorts of abilities and even warp reality around her. The latest trailer gives a small glimpse of this, when we see Gorr and Thor face off in a surreal black and white landscape.

Which gods does Gorr kill? First a massive deity known as Falligar the Behemoth. Then will certainly come the turn of Zeus (Russell Crowe). And then the two Thors?

So here is a villain who will have the mouth, a priori. For the director, Taika Waititi, Gorr the God Butcher is downright “the best villain that Marvel has ever had, with Christian Bale !”

We will see that in Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters on July 13.

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