Who is Swordsman, Hawkeye’s enemy in Marvel comics?

hawkeye swordsman

Before Jack, there was Jacques … Duquesne!

A host of villains want Ronin’s skin in Disney Plus’s new Marvel series. Corn Hawkeye and Kate Bishop will also have to get rid of a more intimate enemy, lurking in the shadows, well known to comic book readers. Attention spoilers!

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It was understood in the first two episodes that Kate’s mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga), was not very clear. And neither does her fiancé! And after Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton) got into an unlikely fencing duel with Kate, it became clear that he was indeed Swordsman, a comic book villain remastered for the series.

Indeed, originally, his name was Jacques Duquesne. A French enemy of the Avengers, first appeared in issue # 19 of 1965.

Hawkeye Marvel Duquenes

Created by Stan Lee, Don Heck and Dick Ayers, it made a sensational debut in the franchise, with the saga “Coming of the Swordsman”. Proud to one day landed at the Avengers mansion, Jacques had a clever plan in mind: to become a member of the Avengers, to simplify his criminal career. Alas, he will eventually be unmasked by Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Captain America, who will discover that he is a robber wanted across Europe for his outrageous schemes.

Hawkeye also reveals in the comics to Captain America that he and Swordsman have a history that goes way back. It turns out that as a young orphan, Clint used to hang out at circuses and carnivals for fun. There he met Duquesne, who became somewhat of a mentor to the young boy. But after Clint caught him stealing, they got into a fight and Duquesne left him for dead.

Jacques Duquesne was therefore in the comics a bad guy, sly, French circus artist, expert in fencing, able to wield the sword like no one else. Obviously, the character has been touched up a bit and we’ll see if he and Clint really know each other in the MCU, in the continuation of the series Hawkeye on Disney Plus.

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