Who will be Layla in Moon Knight? The revelations of May Calamawy [exclu]

A first female role with Egyptian origins, embodied by the Arab actress revealed in Ramy…

Alongside Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, the Egyptian-Palestinian actress, May Calamawywill play the female lead in Moon Knight, in a few weeks, on Disney +. She will play a character we don’t know much about, named Layla El-Faouly.

“I had almost no info on her going to audition and was told very little about Layla, even after I joined the cast,” tells us the 36-year-old actress. “Fortunately, I saw all the Marvel movies for the first time last year. Just before casting. So I was ready to go into the MCU.”

Moon Knight will be more “brutal” than all the other Marvel series

Whereas Moon Knight will be broadcast from March 30 on the streaming platform, the actress revealed in the series Ramy told Première about Layla and her origins:

“Layla is Egyptian. Or at least of Egyptian descent. She knew Marc Spector (Isaac) from before. She had dated him in the past. another, in this case Steven Grant, she is very surprised! Confused. She doesn’t really understand what she is seeing. And I can’t say much more…”

In Marvel comics, Layla El-Faouly does not exist. But there is a Layla Miller, a mutant unrelated to Moon Knight. Suddenly, it will certainly be a new character, created for the new show of the MCU. Even if May Calamawy cryptically tempers: “It’s difficult to answer… Let’s say that when the series comes out, people will easily put the pieces of the puzzle in the right order.“Anyway, even before the introduction of Kamala Khan, the young Pakistani who would become Miss MarvelLayla will be one of the first Eastern heroines to shine in the Marvel Universe. “It means a lot to me. When I learned that they wanted to cast an Egyptian woman in the leading role, I was delighted. Because you never see an Egyptian in a big blockbuster like this! Or everything at least one that isn’t portrayed in a completely stereotypical way. Playing a strong Egyptian woman was truly a godsend! I hope it’s the kind of role that will inspire Arab women.”resumes the actress, who was also directed by the North African director Mohamed Diab (The Women of Bus 678). Together, they quickly forged a connection: “JI felt very close to him immediately. We could talk to each other in Arabic on the set, simply. It was perfect. Sometimes he would give me hints about my character, in Arabic, which were much more specific than the notes I was given in English.”

May Calamawy confides as well as the series Moon Knight “will have an Arabic flavor, no doubt.” And more generally, it promises a “dark and mysterious vibe, but not easy to sum up. Because Moon Knight mixes lots of different things, lots of different vibes.”

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