Why are there masked technicians in Don’t Look Up?

Adam McKay assures us that this is not a mistake, but a way of “commemorating this strange experience” of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The new event film that we no longer present, Don’t Look Up – Cosmic Denial, is the most recent creation of Adam mckay, filmmaker accustomed to parodying society and its current affairs. Describing in this disaster comedy the turmoil of the planet as a comet heads straight for Earth, the echoes of our good old reality are important. Indeed, with such a scenario, nothing is more normal than to replace “comet” by “virus” and to see its application on our society, stuck in a pandemic for nearly three years. In such a context, not surprising either that the health crisis invites itself on the set, and soon in the heart of the film.

Don’t look up: Cosmic Denial, an irresistible joke demonstration [critique]

An involvement noticed by Ben Kohler, a user of Tik Tok, who showed in a video that part of the film crew appears for a few seconds of a scene, the technicians being completely masked and in action. Titled “Oops”, this video presents this short sequence as an error, even an oversight on the part of the director, who thought that the spectators would not notice anything:

@sightpicture #dontlookup #Oops #moviemistakes ♬ original sound – Ben Köhler DP

A “error” very quickly commented by Adam McKay himself on Twitter, congratulating the Internet user before explaining the reasons for this hidden presence:

“Good point! We left this piece of the crew in order to commemorate the strange experience of the shoot.”

Indeed, having shot his film in the midst of a pandemic, McKay has repeated on several occasions that the experience of this filming was unique: the actors and his team were quarantined, and the set was divided into specific areas, with designated monitors for the virus. “The key thing was that Netflix was prepared to make the shoot safe, because none of us were going to show up if we weren’t safe.”McKay told The Hollywood Reporter. Masks, a wink all found then.

Don’t Look Up – Cosmic Denial has been available on Netflix since December 24. By Adam Mckay. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep … Duration 2h25. His trailer:

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