Why Clint Eastwood turned down Die Hard

John McClane almost looked a lot more cowboy-esque.

More than thirty years after its release, the first opus of the Die Hard saga Crystal trap did not reveal all of its secrets. And despite a series dedicated to Die Hard on First titled The Secret History of Die Hard and divided into four parts, one question remains: why Clint Eastwood, who had been offered to play John McClane, did he refuse the role? A question to which the screenwriter Jeb Stuart finally gives an answer during an interview with /Movie. According to him, it’s about humor.

The Secret History of Die Hard: The Roots of the Saga

Indeed, referring to the producers of the film, Jeb Stuart explains that these “went to Clint Eastwood first. Ironically, his response to the producers was: I don’t understand humor. Which, to me, came as a shock because if you really listen to the dialogue, Eastwood is one of the few people who could have uttered a line like: Come to LA, have a good time. This kind of things. You could see him doing that. He was my inspiration.”

A surprising response, as his own films are full of skilfully delivered punchlines. We can quote the sentence of In the line of sight (released in 1993): “You have a rendezvous with my ass, motherfucker” (“You have an appointment with my ass yes!”). At the same time, we can also compare this refusal of McClane’s role to Eastwood’s desire to adapt Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp, on which Die Hard is based. A project that never came to fruition.

Crystal trap is directed by John McTiernan and worn by Bruce Willis. This is the first part of the saga diehard.

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