Why did Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant no longer tour together after Death by Track?

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Why did Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant no longer tour together after Death by Track?

The documentary Cary Grant: Through the Looking Glass details the reasons that kept the movie star away.

Arte will present this Sunday a cult thriller byAlfred hitchcock, Death on the hunt, then a documentary on its main actor entitled Cary Grant: Through the Looking Glass and already visible on Arte.TV.

In about fifty minutes, documentary filmmaker Mark Kidel retraces the intimate life of the actor who died in 1986, explaining how a painful family secret spoiled part of his life: the untimely death of his brother, then the disappearance of his mother as a child left a deep mark on him, preventing him from blossoming in a romantic and family relationship before old age.

When Death by Trail was to be called The Man in Lincoln’s Nose

“Everyone wants to be Cary Grant, even me”

Taking advantage of his taste for comedy and his advantageous physique to break into Broadway, under his original name Archibald Alexander Leach, then in Hollywood, Paramount imposing the stage name of Cary grant, he has built an eclectic career, full of success, and strewn with great successes, including Death on the hunt, rebroadcast this weekend on television. This thriller marked in 1959 the reunion between the star and Alfred Hitchcock, who had already filmed it in Suspicion (1941), The Chained (1946) and The Hand at the Collar (1955). At the end of the 1950s, Grant was already thinking of retirement and it was the filmmaker, who was known to abuse his actors, who begged him to re-team, finding that he was an easy comedian to direct. He would have liked to find him for other projects later: ideally, he wanted to reform his duo formed with Eva Marie Saint in Death on the hunt for The Torn Curtain, finally carried by Julie Andrews and Paul Newman, in 1966. Because in the years 1960, Cary Grant turns of month in less, and after the diffusion of There is no point in running, in 1966, he decided to retire definitively to take advantage of his daughter Jennifer, born in February from her relationship (otherwise brief and stormy) with his fourth wife, Dyan Cannon. Despite this new sentimental failure, the birth of his daughter when he was 62 years old made him realize that he wanted to devote himself fully to his family life, which he would finally manage to do fully with his fifth wife. , Barbara Harris, married in 1981, just five years before her death.

The story of Death on the hunt : Publicist Roger Tornhill mistakenly finds himself in the shoes of a spy. Caught between a mysterious organization that seeks to suppress him and the police pursuing him, Tornhill is in a very uncomfortable situation. He flees across the United States and goes in search of a truth that will prove to be very surprising.

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