Why did Christopher Lloyd and Robert Zemeckis no longer make a film together after Back to the Future 3?

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Why did Christopher Lloyd and Robert Zemeckis no longer make a film together after Back to the Future 3?
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The interpreter of Doc however loved to shoot under the direction of the filmmaker.

TMC will end its replay of the trilogy tonight Back to the future. A suite in which Marty (Michael j fox) and Doc (Christopher lloyd) go back to the time of westerns. In the First Classics n ° 15 (April-June 2021, with Inspector Harry In front page), the latter looks back at length on his career, and reveals that he would have loved to find Robert zemeckis on a new project after this successful saga.

Explaining that I first refused Back to the future, before being convinced by his wife to accept the offer of director and producer Steven Spielberg, he explains that he particularly appreciated their collaboration: “(Zemeckis) he is a very ‘real’ person, very clever. He has a keen point of view on what works and does not work in cinema. I was obviously not aware of the enormous potential of Back to the future but, chatting with Bob, I started to see Doc’s character, and I could tell he knew exactly what he wanted to do. But at the same time, he remained open to all proposals. I remember shyly submitting to him the idea of ​​Doc Brown’s long disheveled hair (…) He just said to me: ‘OK, that’s perfect!’ Confident in himself but ready to listen to others. Robert Zemeckis inspires confidence: filming with him was obvious. “

Back to the Future: When Jeff Goldblum was in the running to play Doc

Hence our question: why did you no longer shoot under his direction after the release of Back to the future 3, in 1990 ? Especially since the two men had in the meantime teamed up again to Who wants the skin of Roger Rabbit?, come out between Back to the future and its sequel, in 1988. “Simply because he didn’t ask me!, answers the actor. I imagine he never made other films where I would have found my place. He just has to call, I say ‘yes’ right now. ” During the interview, he also admits to having feared that the role of Doc might stick too much to him, following the crazy success of the three films: “I accepted it, but it worried me. I was afraid that I would be cataloged, that I would only be offered roles similar to Doc. And yet … They continued to offer me very different characters despite that. I quickly realized that this was not an obstacle to my career, on the contrary: it opened up new possibilities. So obviously, Doc is the dominant role of my filmography, the one in which the most people have seen me and are always taken back to. But I have no problem leaning on it as long as I have the freedom to do something else. And who knows? Maybe someday , will I find a role that will eclipse him? (he smiles) “

Robert Zemeckis: “It drives them crazy that we don’t want to do another Back to the Future”

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