Why Guillaume Canet completely freaked out after his César for Tell No One

Guillaume Canet - Don't tell anyone
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The thriller that crowned Canet best director in 2007 did not give its creator a big head.

“His wife Margot was brutally murdered by a serial killer. Desperate, Alex dwells day after day on the overwhelming memory of his lost love. Eight years later, Alex receives an anonymous e-mail. He clicks: an image… the face of a woman in the middle of a crowd, filmed in real time. That of Margot?

France 3 will rebroadcast at 9:10 p.m. Do not tell anyonethe “crazy race” of a man (François Cluzet) to find his missing wife (Marie-Josée Croze), told by Guillaume Canet and adapted from the eponymous bestseller by Harlan Coben. Thanks to this second film (he had already directed My idol, in 2002), the actor, screenwriter and director enjoyed great success at the end of 2006, attracting more than 3 million spectators to the cinema. A few months later, he also won the César for his breathless staging (and François Cluzet was crowned with the trophy for best actor), then in 2010, he brought even more people to the theaters thanks to the small handkerchiefs, which ended up with over 5 million admissions. These two cards did not give him a big head, however. He proved it in 2017 by signing Rock’n’Rolla squeaky comedy where he had fun breaking his imageand a little before that, in 2014, he explained in First why all this hadn’t made him megalomaniac. On the contrary, just after being honored for Do not tell anyone, he completely freaked out! Here is an excerpt from this interview to read in full here (he talks in detail about his role in Next time I’ll aim for the heart).

Don’t tell anyone: Guillaume Canet’s crazy race

Premiere: Aren’t we a little destabilized by success? Do we not become megalomaniac?
Guillaume Canet :
I didn’t experience it like that and the exit of small handkerchiefs was a tough time for me, I didn’t really enjoy it. It was inspired by a drama lived inside a band, and it turns out that three days before the release of the film a friend killed himself on a motorcycle in the same conditions. I was wondering how to promote it, I thought it was a bitch, to talk about this subject. As a result, I only got satisfaction from it later, in contact with the public. If there is to be a sequel, it will be pure comedy. For the megalomaniac, very sincerely, I would like to be a little more, to be more sure of myself. I’m freaked out, I have doubts, I’m in constant questioning. The day after the Césars (2007, when it was necessary to crown best director for Do not tell anyone), I flipped myself, I told myself it was a stroke of luck, a stroke of genius that I would never have again, I told myself that I could never make a film again.

Here is the trailer for Do not tell anyone :

In the cast of Asterix, Guillaume Canet: Marion Cotillard, Angèle, M, Vincent Cassel, Orelsan, Pierre Richard, McFly and Carlito…

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