Why Kate Walsh made a comeback in Grey’s Anatomy

Kate walsh

“You are going to learn a bit more about Addison’s backstory, with Jake and Henry, in particular as it relates to COVID …”

Addison Montgomery is back in Seattle and it sure made fans of Grey’s Anatomy, at the start of season 18. It must be said that it was long overdue:

“It’s been years and years since every interview I do, someone has asked me: so the fans are wondering, will you ever look back in Grey’s Anatomy ? There it’s done ! And I think it’s pretty well received“, recount Kate walsh, in Variety.

The actress continues and explains that she was “satisfied and delighted“proposed scripts.” HHonestly, that has always been the goal: to do this for the fans. One of the great experiences of being on Grey’s back then, when the show started, was that crazy feeling of being critically acclaimed and being so enjoyable to do as an actress, while being a massively popular series, with so many fans behind.

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Kate walsh also came back to allow her character to mourn, properly, Derek Shepherd. And as a sign of fate, she says she crossed paths with Patrick Dempsey “by chance“on a plane on his way back from France, just one month before his return to the series.! “I told him that I was going to come back, and he warned me that it was going to be intense! So moving, so many feelings are going to resurface etc. And then in a strange way, it allows to turn the page … When we started this series together, it was a very specific time for all of us, and for the entire cast… it really changed the lives of each of us, in a pretty dramatic way. “

Coming back to Seattle, Kate walsh also reunites with her ex-colleague Caterina Scorsone, who played her former sister-in-law Amelia in Private Practice : “The second episode of my return (the one broadcast this week in the USA) reenacts Addison’s dynamic with Amelia, we see their reconnection. It was a total pleasure for me, and I think the fans will appreciate it too. It’s a completely different kind of episode from the first, but intensely intimate and satisfying. “

Fans of the franchise will also learn more about Addison’s life, a few years after the finale of Private Practice. Where are her husband and her son? “They’re still married… You’re going to learn a little bit more about Addison’s backstory, if you will, with Jake and Henry, especially COVID and what she’s been through. It will be really interesting to hear where she has been and what she has been through“, resumes Kate walsh, who does not say no to a new reappearance, one day perhaps, in Grey’s Anatomy, or even a little more:

“We’re already finishing these few episodes and we’ll see what happens … The response from the fans is excellent. Nobody knows what the future holds … but for now, that’s all we have planned. , make Addison reappear and see what transpires about it … “

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