Why Kevin (Macauley Culkin) doesn’t have a cameo in Mom, I Missed the Plane! (it starts again) ?

Why Macauley Culkin doesn't have a cameo in Mom, I Missed the Plane!  (it starts again) ?
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His brother Buzz McCallister (Devin Ratray) talks about him, but the director didn’t want to do more.

Directed by Dan Mazer (co-writer of Borat), Mom I missed the plane ! (it starts again) is the sixth film in the family saga initiated in 1990 by Chris Columbus. Following the crazy success of the first installment worn by Macauley Culkin ($ 475 million worldwide), 20th Century Fox produced Mom, I missed the plane again (1992), Mom, I take care of the bad guys (1997), Mom, I am alone against all (2002) and Mom, the house is haunted (2012) before Disney bought the studio. And launch this new episode on Disney Plus. A direct sequel to the first two parts, since it takes place in the same city and contains a few nods to the first two films.

Mom I missed the plane: Macaulay Culkin reacts with humor to the remake planned by Disney

Beware, spoilers! If you don’t want to know anything about the history of this new Mom I missed the plane, do not read on.
We see in particular Buzz McCallister (Devin Ratray), the big brother of the original siblings, who became a police officer. He explains to the film’s two burglars, Pam and Jeff (Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney, who actually play the “kind” in this new story) that his brother Kevin found himself alone at home (“home alone” is the English title of the films) in his childhood, twice, and that he makes bad jokes to her on the phone on every Christmas vacation since he has been in charge of making sure that the houses in the neighborhood are not not burgled. The exchange is observed from afar by Max (Archie Yates, the revelation of Jojo rabbit), their young neighbor forgotten by his family who went on a trip to Japan, which justifies that he no longer calls the police afterwards.

So, even if it means making this new film a continuation of its predecessors, why not simply have Kevin come back? Yes Macauley Culkin sometimes had a bad experience as a child star, he seems more peaceful in recent years and found his way back to the sets in 2003, to star in independent films. Would he have refused a cameo? Turns out the team didn’t even offer him. “We realized pretty quickly that this would not happen, explains the director to SlashFilm. We didn’t want to push the winks too far, because it would have ended up being weird. I wanted this film to stand on its feet, to have its own foundations, but not for it to be a nostalgia party. Fortunately, we found a good balance: adults can look at it and be like, ‘Oh, I understand that reference. It’s cool. It’s funny. It’s smart. ‘ And then, as you say, there is already a big reference to the original, which I found brought up in a clever and refreshing way, and not shuffled around. The challenge was to make a film that works independently from the others. I didn’t want to rely too much on the elders. “

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