Why Les Sous-doués continues to do well

42 years later, Claude Zidi’s two comedies are still a hit on TV.

Tonight, TFX is betting on a safe bet: The Under-Gifted. In 2020, First had met its creators, co-screenwriter Didier Kaminka and director Claude Zidi, who explained with humor that number 2 was simply born… out of a desire for a vacation!

In 1980, The Under-gifted pass the bac had attracted nearly 4 million spectators to the cinema, and its sequel was not long in being started, always with the same team: Daniel Auteuil, Philippe Taccini, Honoré N’Zué, Gaëtan Bloom… “I think this one continues to work because there is a new generation of graduates every year: it renews the clientele!Zidi replies laughing. And there may still be a few high school graduates out there who want to cheat, even though the systems must be a lot more sophisticated these days. (Laughter.) After The Under-gifted pass the baccalaureate, I wanted to take a vacation. Going to Saint-Tropez in September, in fact that’s what motivated me for number 2! It was sunny and we made the most of it. Moreover, the whole team kept a great memory of it. The proof: we finished filming on a Friday and eight days later the whole team was still cracking up!”

The story of Under-giftedto see again this evening on television: Bébel and his classmates at the Cours Louis XIV are known to be lazy and inveterate pranksters. Their high school is even last in the baccalaureate ranking with 100% failing the exam! After a joke that goes wrong, the troublemakers find themselves forced to get their baccalaureate at all costs, while cunning and cheating, if they don’t want to end up in prison…

The teaser :

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