Why Marianne never got a season 2 on Netflix


Series co-writer Quoc Dang Tran tells us why the excellent horror series wasn’t extended.

At the start of the 2019 school year, it was a small horror series made in France that startled Netflix subscribers around the world. Long before Lupine Where Lost bullet, Marianne is an international success, to the point of being publicly validated by the master of horror himself: Stephen King!

But after a few weeks, to the chagrin of creator Samuel Bodin, Netflix decided to cancel Marianne. Two years later, the co-author of the horror drama, Quoc Dang Tran, returns to streaming, on Disney Plus, in a new SF series. Before the launch of Parallelshe returns for Première to the brutal end of Marianne :

“The series had a good echo worldwide. It was the most watched series on Netflix, in certain countries, especially in Jamaica for example. Knowing that Jamaicans were able to say to themselves: ‘Tonight, we are going to watch Marianne‘, It was very cool !’ Now, back then, Netflix didn’t have as many subscribers as they do now and pure horror is a genre for a select audience. We had a fan following, but not enough for 50% of subscribers to watch. Mariannesays Quoc Dang Tran, to explain this cancellation.

The screenwriter goes further and analyzes: “Por years, all genre fiction, be it fantasy, SF or horror, was the prerogative of Americans. In France, we tried to renew the horror, with a wave of “french fear”. I think it’s a fight led by many authors for quite some time here, to be able to do genre fiction, in our own way. And in this sense, Parallèles participates in this movement for the emancipation of American fiction…”

The Disney Plus series will follow 5 teenagers, immersed in a space-time adventure rarely seen in French fiction. To see from March 23, on the streaming platform:

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