Why Morbius Post-Credits Scenes Are Inconsistent

Two sequences that cause trouble…

Morbius got off to a pretty good start at the box office, despite abysmal reviews. But if the new film from “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe” poses a problem, it is also for its post-generic scenes, supposed to draw the future of this shared universe which is currently evolving on the sidelines of the MCU. If you haven’t seen Daniel Espinosa’s film, huge spoilers are coming in the rest of this article. You have been warned.

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Apart from the fact that they seem to have been added in a pinch, the two bonus scenes of Morbius raise questions in terms of continuity and coherence, as the fans (and us too) have seen. In the first, Adrian Toomes appears in the prison of the Morbius universe, teleported following the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home who opened the door to the multiverse for those who know the identity of Spider-Man. So far, so good. The Vulture obviously does not exist in this universe, and due to lack of charges against him, the authorities release Toomes. Let’s admit.

In the second sequence, Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) meets Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), and that’s when things go wrong. While he finds himself in a universe other than his own, his only goal is not to find his family but to kill Spider-Man. However, at the end of Homecoming, once in prison he had refused to reveal the identity of Peter Parker, who had saved his life, to Mac Gargan, who wanted to kill the superhero. Why did he change his mind? Simply because Spider-Man would be the cause of his transfer to this universe?

Stranger still, Morbius is convinced in the blink of an eye to ally with him against Spider-Man. This while he apparently has no knowledge of the existence of the Spinner. Above all, throughout the film we saw Morbius strive not to succumb to his new murderous impulses: it was even THE reason for his opposition to his friend Loxias Crown (Matt Smith). Again, we do not understand the reason for this reversal, except that it is necessary to set up the future Sinister Six, the famous team of super villains that Spider-Man fights in the comics. A crossover whose implementation remains rather vague, if only for contractual reasons.

Finally, last geek detail: in this scene Adrian Toomes has again a costume based on Chitauri technology, an alien race a priori absent from the universe of Morbius. Where does it come from? Interviewed by Cinema BlendDaniel Espinosa had specified that it was slightly different from that of Homecomingwhile kicking in touch on provenance: “He’s a resourceful guy“.

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