Why Patrick Dempsey got fired from Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Derek Shepherd

A recently released book goes behind the scenes of the tensions that plagued production during its last years as Derek Shepherd.

He came back last year to hug Meredith. Like nothing ever happened. Like he’s always been part of the family Grey’s Anatomy, even since his abrupt departure at the end of season 11. A necessary departure, if we believe Lynette Rice’s book: “How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy “, which comes out this week in the United States. The Hollywood Reporter publishes the good sheets of the book, which tells in particular behind the scenes of Derek’s death …

Former executive producer James D. Parriott confesses that behind the screen things had become so tense between Patrick dempsey and the creator of the series Shonda Rhimes, whom they “were ready to jump at each other’s throats!

First trailer for season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy

Parriott confirms rumors that there was “HR issues on this production. But by no means have there been any stories of sexual harassment. On the other hand, it is true that Patrick dempsey terrorized the plateau, so to speak. Some of the cast were traumatized because of him. He had this hold on set where he knew he could stop production and scare people. People from the channel and the studio even came and we had chat sessions with them. “

So why this behavior? Because after a decade, the actor couldn’t take it anymore Grey’s Anatomy, according to the former producer: “I think he was done with the show actually. He didn’t like the inconvenience of coming every day, of working with Shonda. “And with Ellen Pompeo, relations were also strained: “There were times when Ellen got frustrated with Patrick, and she got mad that he didn’t work anymore. “, continues another ex-producer, Jeannine Renshaw. “She was very attached to making sure things were right in the drama. She just didn’t like it when Patrick complained about being on set too long, or too late in the evening. While she had twice as many scenes in the episode as he … “

The two producers temper by ensuring that Patrick dempsey understood that sometimes he went too far when some technicians had been working on the set since 6.30 am. But he, an actor, almost hyperactive, could not bear to wait between two takes. “It knocked him off his hinges to be sitting there waiting. What he actually wanted was to be behind the wheel of his race car or do something fun. He’s the kid in the class who wants to go to recess … “

We bet that How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy will have other crispy secrets to share in the coming days …

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