Why Saïd Taghmaoui is angry with Mathieu Kassovitz, 25 years after La Haine

While promoting his new book “From Hate to Hollywood”, the actor returned to his relationship with the director.

“Some of the most cult and memorable dialogues come out of my life.”

Interviewed at LeChairman’s microphone (via the Youtube channel Yes Hustle) to talk about his career and his new book From Hate to Hollywood (Ed. Le Cherche Midi), the actor Saïd Taghmaoui spoke about his memories of filming at the time of the realization of Hate, film by Mathieu Kassovitz, which propelled his career in France. The actor, who is part of the main trio of the feature film with Vincent Cassel and Hubert Koundé, says he has not kept good relations with his former director.

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Taghmaoui explains thus having brought a lot to the film, beyond his only acting, for example rewriting entire lines of dialogue to anchor Hate in the reality of the cities he wanted to portray. Himself familiar with the life of the suburbanites filmed in the feature film, he explains that “the most cult and most memorable dialogues, they come out of my life”, all for “a considerable contribution” to the original screenplay, which he says is quite different from the screenplay that was later published by Kassovitz (So far all is well, 25 years after the movie Hate, published by Maison CF in 2020).

The actor finally retains a certain resentment towards Mathieu Kassovitz, with whom he no longer has contact, for not having credited him at the time of the film’s release as to the rewritten and improved screenplay. “You could still have quoted us on the dialogues, we still wrote half”, he said. He adds : “It’s my movie too, whether you like it or not, it’s my movie. I’m one of the heroes of this movie and I participated in the writing, in the creation of this thing and you are not going to take my part! “

The actor then looks back on the 25th anniversary of Hate, celebrated last year at the Palais de Tokyo with an unprecedented exhibition in partnership with the Kourtrajmé School founded by Ladj Ly, to which Saïd Taghmaoui says he was not invited, like Huber Koundé.

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On the question of royalties of this anniversary, Taghmaoui wonders: “Where did all this money go? Why don’t you give some to Hubert (Koundé)?” Referring to the subject of the film the treatment of the actors and their work on the film, the interpreter of Saïd in Hate concludes: “It’s a masquerade. It is only Mathieu who earns money (…) it is his goodwill. “

However, despite the fact that he has not seen the director for 25 years, Saïd Taghmaoui says he has fond memories of the feature film released in 1995 in France, which has now become cult with its characters and its punchy story. in a France ravaged by the increase in police violence at the time.

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