Why Taylor Swift Is All Over The Summer I Got Pretty on Amazon

The Summer I Became Pretty on Amazon

The American pop-country superstar is sponsoring Jenny Han’s new teen show.

As it should be, the love triangle of The Summer I Turned Pretty, between Belly (Lola Tung), Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), unfolds to the sound of great pop-rock ballads. And above all, to the sound of Taylor Swift. The romantic country superstar’s music is all over the place The Summer I Became Pretty.

And it’s no coincidence, explains the producer and author Jenny Han (at TVLine), who adapts his own novel for Prime Video:

“It’s really just that I’m a fan. And fans of my books are fans of Taylor Swift too ! It’s a really perfect marriage between our two universes. It’s a loop. It’s as if everything overlapped. And while we were writing the story, there were plenty of moments where I thought it deserved a good Taylor Swift song in the background! It was as simple as that. We have a lot of great music on the show, but I always thought her storytelling, as a writer/composer, really matched the vibe of The Summer I Became Pretty.”

The Summer I Became Pretty: What We Know About Seasons 2 and 3

In particular the title “The Way I Loved You”, which is “so beautiful. It was such a fitting song for our history.”

I feel like I have a special connection with this song. It’s so magical. I really, really, really couldn’t live without this one. It was always what I imagined… I knew exactly what part I wanted. I knew exactly how I wanted the scene to go. So, for me, it was so important to have it! I begged for us to have it…”

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