Why the Manifest series was truly saved


Jeff Rake explains that it is thanks to the public that the series was not canceled.

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter on his series Manifest, Jeff Rake returned to the long negotiations which led to 20 concluding episodes instead of a definitive cancellation of the drama series. Caught between a fatal hearing loss and unspoken words that say too much, Manifest almost crashed for good.

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Explaining that he understood even before the official announcement that the series was canceled, Jeff Rake says that it is thanks to the fans that the series was saved. Because after learning the stop Manifest by NBC, they mobilized on Twitter but not only. “I’ve had series canceled before and this is the first time I’ve experienced such a wave of fanbase support, says Rake. Some great fans formed a group on Twitter and said, ‘We’ve got your back Jeff. #SaveManifest. The campaign begins. ‘” With the latter, the series gained popularity, climbing in Netflix trends and eventually arriving at the number one spot of the 10 most watched content on the platform.

Faced with this growing success, negotiations were able to resume with NBC and Netflix, which were conclusive since Manifest will offer itself 20 bonus episodes to conclude its plot. “I offered them the small, medium and large format” explains Rake, debating a two-hour movie, a six-episode special season, and a full 20-episode season. the “large format” selected, “I’m pretty sure I started a dance of joy” Rake said. All that remained was to start production, of which The Hollywood Reporter announces that it cost between $ 4 million and $ 5 million per episode. In the end, all’s well that ends well. “I will be able to continue telling the story as I always wanted to do”, concludes Jeff Rake.

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