Why Tom Ellis won’t be Lucifer in Netflix’s Sandman series?

Lucifer Sandman

Neil Gaiman gives Lucifer Morningstar fans an explanation.

Netflix’s Lucifer Morningstar is the same Lucifer as that of Sandmancreated by neil gaiman. However, Tom Ellis, who portrayed the character for 7 seasons and won over fans, will not be in Gaiman’s new comic book adaptation. In the series Sandmansoon on Netflix, it’s Gwendoline Christie (of Game Of Thrones) who will play the character.

On Twitter, neil gaiman replied to fans of Lucifer pissed off. He explained that this recast helped give the character an unexpected new direction: “Because the Lucifer of Ellis, if it is really inspired by the Lucifer of Sandmanis really far from Sandman at the end of the series. In terms of continuity, the character has really moved away from the comics. So it was easier for everyone to go back to the basic version, the one from the comics.”

And neil gaiman to conclude : “That way, we won’t know at all what our Lucifer is going to do…”

Series Sandmanwhich will therefore have no connection with the series of Tom Elliswill be released in 2022 on Netflix.

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