Why Vikings: Valhalla may appeal to those who haven’t seen Vikings

Vikings: ValhallaNetflix

“Vikings: Valhalla doesn’t look too much like Vikings,” says creator Jeb Stuart.

No, it’s not quite the same as vikings ! For a few days, Vikings: Valhalla is a hit on Netflix, monopolizing the first place in the French ranking and almost all the countries of the world, from Australia to England, via Mexico or Germany. In the USA, the warriors are simply beaten by Tyler Perry and his new film A Madea Homecoming.

Yes Vikings: Valhalla is a hit, it’s primarily because the fans of vikings the historic series ended in 2020 after 6 seasons – was a phenomenal success. But sequel showrunner and creator Jeb Stuart says even those unfamiliar with the first series can jump into it. Vikings: Valhalla :

“It’s always difficult to do a sequel to a hit that already has its fans… But the recipe to be sure to fail is to try to do the same thing again”, entrusts the screenwriter to Variety. “Michael Hirst (creator of vikings) and I are two completely different authors. So I made a series that is aimed at a wider audience in some ways.”

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He insists : “Vikings: Valhalla doesn’t look too much like vikingsbecause vikings was written with a different framework. What you can do on a Netflix series, you can’t do on a regular TV channel. I was able to make, in a way, a mini-movie every week and I have a certain penchant for action and suspense. And because we’re only using one actor from the original series, which is sort of transcendental, there’s a lot of freshness in this new series.” So that it is not necessarily necessary to have seen vikings before embarking on Vikings: Valhallawhose events take place 150 years later.

Season 1 has been live on Netflix since Friday.

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