Why was Anaïs chosen to lead season 10 of SKAM?

Skam France season 10
France TV Slash

“He’s a character we’ve really liked since season 7,” tell us screenwriter Deborah Hassoun and director Shirley Monsarrat.

Series SCAM France is on the air these days! A few months after the conclusion of season 9, the first sequence of season 10 will be launched on May 7 and the first full episode will be broadcast on May 13 on France TV Slash. Already a first glimpse of what awaits us has been posted online, showing the new figurehead of SCAMnamely Anaïs, embodied by Zoe Garcia. A 5-minute sequence, difficult to watch, which sets the tone of the season, around the theme of rape:

So why did you choose Anaïs as the central character of this season 10 of SCAM ?

“He’s a character we’ve really liked since season 7”, recently told us the collection director, Deborah Hassoun. “Zoé Garcia, who plays her, started with a very small role, which was not very defined by the way. She was the girlfriend of the plague, a bit of a plague too. She started with 5 days of filming and it ends with a whole season! That’s the magic of SCAM ! Zoé is an excellent actress, so we just wanted to give her more.

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And then if Anaïs was chosen, it’s also because “I think he’s a comedy character. Who has his punchlines. A cool character to talk to. We will find in season 10 something of the spirit of season 7. In particular because it is the same team of authors who is behind. There will be this same dramatized side…

The director, Shirley Monsarrat, tells us of her excitement to show a whole new side of Anaïs’ life and analyzes: “The magic of SCAM, it is also to put the zoom on a secondary character, someone to whom we become attached and then suddenly, the focus is on him! We go back to his house, we discover his parents, the environment, who really is this person at the bottom. We put everything back on the table. The tone changes. Achievement evolves. In a way, the series starts almost from zero actually.

This season 10 of SCAM will therefore be launched tomorrow on Slash, and whatever happens, it will be the last of the Deborah Hassoun / Shirley Monsarrat duo:

“We are done. We worked on a generation of SCAM, which evolved between season 7 and season 10. This season 10 really wraps up our generation. It was important for us to have a real ending. We are really happy to have been able to go to the end of what we wanted to tell. To see our actors grow old on screen. And for us, SCAM, It’s over. And it’s good. We will be able to turn the page, because it is an intense rhythm to keep for two years. And for the series too, you need new blood to renew yourself, bring new ideas, new things in writing or directing. And that’s certainly why the series lives on.”

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