Wild Men: a crazy trailer for a (pre) historical comedy

Tutorial to drop everything and go live like our ancestors thousands of years ago.

Selected in the “Playtime” category of the Arcs Film Festival and at the Tribeca festival this year, Wild men is the new film by the dane Thomas daneskov (Elite).

With the actors Rasmus bjerg, Zaki Youssef and Bjorn sundquist to its cast, this comedy-thriller tells how the character of Martin (Rasmus Bjerg) decides overnight, while on his way to a seminar, to leave everything and go live like his ancestors thousands ago years, before supermarkets and smartphones ruined everything. His path crosses that of Musa (Zaki Youssef), a wounded fugitive, wanted by the authorities but also by his former accomplices. Their odyssey takes them to the edge of the Norwegian forest, meeting idle police, Vikings, a freedom-loving rabbit, and crippled thugs.

This crazy story, dated for next February 16, has its first trailer, and this one gives the color of the film to come:

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