Will Ferrell at the shrink Paul Rudd in the trailer for The Shrink Next Door on Apple TV +

The Shrink Next Door

A new social comedy, based on a true story, to see this fall on the platform.

Paul Rudd go play the therapist by Will Ferrell and inevitably, it will go into a spin, as shown in the trailer The Shrink Next Door, the new comedy from Apple TV +, which will debut on Friday, November 12 on the streaming platform.

Paul Rudd will play celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf, who is caring for a new patient named Marty (played by Ferrell) who continues to insist that everything is “fine”.

In a disturbing mood, Ike begins to infiltrate Marty’s life, swimming happily in his pool under the gaze of his sister (Kathryn Hahn) who warns him: “This doctor is not very conventional. I don’t trust him … “

Based on a podcast inspired by real events, The Shrink Next Door is written by Georgia Pritchett (Veep, Succession) and directed by Michael Showalter (Search Party) and Jesse Peretz (GLOW, Girls). In the rest of the cast, we will also see Casey Wilson (Black monday) as Bonnie, Ike’s wife.

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