Will Lex Luthor have an important place in the Batgirl movie?

A photo taken on set – since deleted by Warner Bros. – teases the return of Superman’s ultimate enemy…

Will Jesse Eisenberg return to the DC universe in the skin of Lex Luthor, on the occasion of the film Batgirl ? A year after his last appearance in the Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguethe character could be at the center of the next film in Gotham, being filmed for the HBO Max platform.

A photo circulating online indeed presents a front page of the Gotham Globe newspaper, revealing that Lex Luthor has been imprisoned in Belle Reve prison! This prison is precisely the one in which the Task Force X of Suicide Squad recruits prisoners for its missions.

Another title that we guess behind this first page also speaks of Lois Lane who “tell the truth“while a mention evokes Oswald Coppleplot, alias the Penguin…

The new Batgirl shows up in photos and in costume

An image that could therefore say a lot about the possible connections of Batgirl along with the other DC Extended Universe films. Taken on the Glasgow set where the production takes place, the photo in question has been deleted from Twitter for copyright reasons… Proof that it is indeed of some importance.

Batgirlplayed by Leslie Grace, will face villainous Firefly (played by Brendan Fraser), while JK Simmons will reprise his role as Justice Leaguethat of Commissioner Gordon, the father of Barbara Gordon… alias Batgirl ! As a bonus, Michael Keaton will return to play the old Bruce Wayne alias Batman… No release date yet.

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