Will the Coen brothers make a film together again?

Will the Coen brothers make a film together again?

Ethan Coen premiered his documentary Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind at Cannes this weekend. The opportunity to take stock of his career and that of his brother, Joel.

Joel and Ethan Coen haven’t made a film as a duo since The Ballad of Buster Scruggsfor Netflix, in 2018. The directors of Fargo, The Big Lebowski and No Country for Old Men are not angry for all that, wishes to reassure Ethan, who did not participate in the MacBeth in black and white from his brother, which aired on Apple TV earlier this year. It had been announced that he intended to stop the cinema, but this is not entirely true, since he unveiled the documentary yesterday Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind in Cannes (our hot notice is to be read here).

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He took advantage of the event to take stock of his “break” with Joel, and his remarks were relayed by theAssociated Press : “Nothing happened, certainly nothing dramatic. You start as a kid, you want to make a film, so it’s all about enthusiasm: ‘let’s make this movie!’ This first feature film is just fun. The second too, almost as fun to do as the first. But after 30 years, it’s not that it’s no longer fun to do, it’s just that it’s become more of a job. It’s inevitable, it changes with age. And the last two films we did together were particularly difficult. In terms of production, it was really huge, complicated. So much so that we come to ask ourselves: ‘Why am I doing all this?’

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Hail Cesar! and Buster Scruggs are two works carried by an important cast, constructions of impressive sets, large technical teams to manage… Projects which ended up separating the two brothers, but it will not necessarily be final, adds Ethan: “Choosing different paths like that doesn’t mean it will be our final decision. We haven’t decided anything definitive. We could make a film together again. I don’t know what my next film will be… The pandemic has arrived. I had turned into a fat baby who was bored and who had decided to give up this profession. Then the pandemic arrived. Other things will happen in the future, so who knows?

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