Will the Riddler’s website announce the villain of The Batman 2?

We take stock of the theories regarding the sequel to The Batman. Beware of spoilers!

With already 1,165,588 spectators gathered in France since its release on March 2 in France, The Batman is an undeniable success. But after a week of distribution, fans are already getting impatient: when will there be a sequel? If several tracks are approached, with two series announced on Colin Farrell’s Penguin and Arkham Asylum, we still do not know if the “definitive movie” de Reeves will really put an end to his resounding entry into the DC Comics universe. And faced with this uncertainty, fans of the franchise are already drawing their theories on the villain who will succeed the Riddler played by Paul Dano in The Batman.

The Batman 2: what will be the sequel to Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight?

For the moment, three theories dominate the discussions. The first wants the next bad guy who will face Bruce Wayne will be directly connected to the Riddler, which would explain the existence of the website rataalada.com where the loading is progressing day by day (it is at 96% at the time of this writing). An important announcement at the key? Everything leads to think that once arrived at 100%, the Riddler’s site will make a resounding revelation: the formalization of the sequel or the name of the big bad? And if this big villain was Silence? Also known as Thomas “Hush” Elliot, this doctor and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne crosses paths during his medical career with the Riddler, who (in the comics) reveals to him the identity of Batman. Lifelong jealous of Bruce Wayne, Elliot embarks on a quest to become Gotham’s greatest villain and slay the Dark Knight. This track is supported by the character of the journalist, killed by Falcone when he intends to make explosive revelations about Martha Wayne to weaken Thomas Wayne’s electoral campaign. Informed spectators will have noticed that the journalist’s name is Edward Elliot… A name that recalls that of Silence, and which explains why the photo of Thomas Wayne (in the Riddler scandal video) is covered with a large “HUSH”.

The Batman: the Riddler challenges internet users

The second theory prefers to look to the foundation of Gotham, evoked by the Riddler, to consider a new villain. Some fans indeed think that if The Batman has a sequel, this one will focus on Court of the Owls, which premiered in the comics in 2011. This story arc kicks off after a long period of Batman’s absence, so Bruce Wayne just puts on the costume again and sets off in pursuit of a mysterious owl-like assassin whose next target is none other than… Bruce Wayne. Advancing in his investigation, Batman uncovers a dark truth tying his family to the murky foundations of Gotham City. If this theory is not based directly on revelations from the film, it remains credible as the filiation of Batman in the foundation of Gotham (and in the rise of its criminality) is at the heart of the feature film by Matt Reeves. Everything therefore suggests that The Court of the Owls could make its first appearance in the cinema, in front of the camera of the director of Planet of the Apes 2 and 3.

Finally, the last theory (the least favored by Internet users) is the one that refers to the cameo at the end of The Batman. While the Riddler is interned in Arkham Asylum, he meets the king of the clowns there: the Joker. While this surprise appearance delighted fans, it assumes the Dark Knight’s iconic foe will gain prominence in future films. This one could associate with the Riddler (whom he calls his “friend” at the end of the scene), or take center stage to confront Batman. Some fans are planning a Robert Pattinson x Joaquin Phoenix encounter, after his portrayal of the smiling villain in Joker in 2019. Others are instead hoping Barry Keoghan, cast by Reeves to become the Crazy Clown, will rise to the level of Jared Leto’s Joker.

If nothing is set in stone, the good news is that anything is possible! So on to your bets, and may the best win!

And in the meantime, The Batman is still to be seen in the cinema.

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