Will the Wheel of Time make your head spin? (critical)

Wheel of time
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All the elements of a great fantasy adventure are there, for fans of the genre. The others may turn their backs on him.

The routourne will turn quickly“said a great sage. Will Amazon find the right rhythm throughout season 1? After the first three uneven episodes which were posted online this Friday on Prime Video, doubts remain. on the palate of this new great fantasy saga leaves you hungry for more. Puzzled. Especially because The Wheel of Time takes up all the codes of the genre methodically, in an almost brutal and relentless mechanism. The magic, the chosen ones, the unique power, the monstrous creatures at the service of the Dark One … It’s all there. A digest of Lord of the Rings which has something to surprise those who know nothing about the books of Robert Jordan.

Because Wheel of time (of its original title), it is indeed the serial adaptation of a franchise in 14 volumes, started in 1990 in bookstores. The story of another world in which a great witch able to use the magic of the “One Power” sets out in search of the “Reincarnated Dragon”, a mythical being who will change the destiny of the Continent. Accompanied by her protector, Moiraine Damodred goes to a small village where there are four innocent young people. One of them could well be the chosen one. Moiraine’s mission is to shelter them. But here they are quickly chased by the dark side of the Dark One …

It is certain that the inevitable comparisons that will face The Wheel of Time in the coming weeks will not be in his favor. In the genre of medieval fantasy series, we have already seen more and more original. More exciting. No, this is not the new Game of Thrones. And it is to be hoped that the future event derived from the Lord of the Rings (scheduled for September 2022 on Prime Video) will be a cut above. Because this Wheel of time clearly will not be that of Amazon’s fortune.

The Wheel of Time: “The comparison with The Lord of the Rings is welcome!”

Its main story with airs of deja vu, its stereotypical characters, and its frankly boat dialogues will be little inclined to arouse excitement. But fantasy fans will still have something to celebrate. Beyond its faults, The Wheel of Time is a production with obvious ambition, overflowing. Filmed mainly in real settings, in Central Europe, it is based on a breathtaking scenography which – for once – is admirably similar to the work of Peter Jackson. The epic adventure deserves its name, in the course of this heroic, often violent and bloody chase, which pays particular attention to the magic sequences, beautifully rendered on the screen. When Moiraine gets angry and Rosamund Pike invoke the elements, we take full view. There is enough mysticism and a pretty cool mythology to want – despite everything – to see on which square this wheel will stop, once it has finished turning …

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