Will there be a Matrix 5? “As soon as Lana wants to make a film, we follow her”

Could Matrix Resurrections just be the start of the Matrix revival?

Deadline this week interviews Jason Kilar and Ann Sarnoff, at the head of WarnerMedia, to take stock of this very special year 2021, during which the studio has decided to release its films in parallel to the cinema and to streaming in the United States. A strategy that is not badly criticized in Hollywood, in particular by in-house directors (David Chase or Denis Villeneuve have express their frustration regarding The Many Saints of Newark and Dune, Christopher Nolan left the firm after 20 years of success…). In the course of the paper, we can read a few words about Matrix Resurrections, presented as follows: “Originally, the fourth Matrix was conceived as a reboot of the saga for the big screen. What if HBO Max gets in its way, knowing that the film will be the last of that 2021 movie / streaming release strategy. Sarnoff comments: ‘As soon as Lana (Wachowski) wants to make a film, we follow her. ‘”

Does this mean that the new Matrix will be the starting point of the expansion of the saga in the cinema? The idea of ​​a Matrix 5 looks good in the air. It remains to be seen how the blockbuster will fare at the box office at the end of December, because so far, the scores of the studio’s productions in the United States have been mixed. The biggest success of the Warner Bros across the Atlantic is so far Godzilla vs. Kong, who is ninth of the American top with just $ 100 million raised there, then Space Jam 2 and Conjuring 3 are eleventh and twelfth, around 65 million in revenue. At the global box office, the studio’s biggest hit this year is also Godzilla vs. Kong, fifth in the top with $ 467 million. The classification of Dune, which comes out this weekend in the USA, will also be closely scrutinized: released in several countries that do not have HBO Max (including France, where it works well), Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi film is well offered in theaters and streaming in the US.

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