Will we see Matrix 5? Resurrections is not the start of a new trilogy, says Lana Wachowski

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are very motivated to continue the story of Neo and Trinity, but Lana Wachowski does not seem to agree …

Matrix Resurrections just released in theaters! Twenty-two years after the first Matrix, and eighteen years after Matrix Revolutions which concluded the trilogy … Exactly, is it Matrix Resurrections (a.k.a Matrix 4) could be the starting point of a new trilogy? “That’s a question for Lana Wachowski”, dodge Keanu reeves in an interview with the Fandom site. “I mean, if she wants to do a new story and include me in it, I’ll be very honored, and very grateful, and I would love to know what happens to Trinity and Neo, and the rest of the world…” In the same interview, Carrie-Anne Moss agrees to re-stack: “absolutely, of course … that would be great”. Obviously !

Matrix Resurrections: a surprising and cheering middle finger to the industry [critique]

Except that the director Lana wachowski doesn’t seem to agree. On the red carpet at the film’s premiere in San Francisco, she claimed that Matrix Resurrections, despite its title, is not the start of a new trilogy: a reporter asks her the question, and Lana laughs back a “no” categorical.

So, Matrix 5, it’s dead ? As usual, it will depend on a set of factors: the box office of Matrix Resurrections in theaters and especially on the streaming service HBO Max (The Many Saints of Newark cardboard on it, launching the idea of ​​a new series in the universe of the Sopranos) will be crucial in determining whether Warner wants to revive the franchise indeed, and in what form. Series or movie? With or without Lana Wachowski? The universe of Matrix is large enough to accommodate many new stories, as proven once again Matrix Resurrections

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