Willem Dafoe agreed to return to Spider-Man on one condition

The 66-year-old actor insisted on doing the Green Goblin stunts himself.

Whereas Spider-Man: No Way Home starts off strong at the box office, audiences seem to be enjoying the return of Willem Dafoe in the role of Norman Osborn / The Green Goblin. Without saying too much, it is at the heart of this sequel, uniting the plot of this film with the original opus by Sam Raimi, released in theaters almost 20 years ago (in 2002). Actively participating in the promotion of the film organized by Sony, the comedian revealed that he had agreed to return on one condition: to perform his own stunts, as in the good old days. He was very involved in the creation of the Green Goblin at the time, and he wanted to take this opportunity to continue to enrich this iconic opponent of Spider-Man.

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“Doing all these physical scenes was important to me, he explains in this promotional video shared on Twitter and in long version on YouTube. In fact, when Jon (Watts, the director) and Amy (Pascal, the producer) pitched me the idea for the film, even before there was a script, I told them: ‘Look, I don’t want to just appear here and there in a cameo, or have a close-up and then walk away.’ I want to shoot my action scenes. Already because I find it fun, and also because it seems important to me, in order to add integrity to the character, to play it all thoroughly. These action scenes allow you to learn more about them, their relationships, but they also give you the opportunity to obtain the right to play them fully. “

Here is the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, currently at the cinema:

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