William Lebghil hesitates between love and friendship in Ami-ami

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Screenshot Youtube / Le Pacte / Nord-Ouest Films

The Sens de la fête actor swears not to fall in love again, but …

Tonight, C8 will broadcast unencrypted for the first time At Miami, a romantic comedy signed Victor Saint Macary (screenwriter of Brio), with William Lebghil (The sense of celebration) in the lead role. the pitch? William Lebhil plays Vincent, a young man devastated by his last breakup and who decides to move into a roommate with his best friend Néféli (Margot Bancilhon). The two roommates swear not to fall in love again and to prioritize friendship above all else. But between friendship and love, there is only one step. When Vincent accidentally meets Julie (Camille Razat) in a supermarket, the two lovebirds end up dating. For Vincent, a choice is needed between his new girlfriend and his lifelong accomplice.

Standing on the Mountain – William Lebghil: “I think we’re all nostalgic for childhood”

Is this romantic comedy made in France worth a look? The writing of First had been a little disappointed … Here is our criticism: After a painful breakup, Vincent decides to give up for a time any inclination to live as a couple and to settle down with his best friend, Neféli, a young lawyer who is well shaken up. Everything is going for the best in the best of their worlds with as a short-term perspective a fireworks display of short-lived stories. Except that Vincent really falls in love and doesn’t dare admit it to his roommate. Then begins a festival of incredible discoveries so as not to be teased. Not unpleasant to look at… except for one detail. And size. We do not understand in the writing of the characters and their relationship why Vincent lies to Néféli. The cinema and romantic comedy are certainly never judged by the yardstick of realism alone. But there (laziness in the script? Simplification in the editing?), It is his backbone that almost immediately loses At Miami, then reduced to being just a succession of rather successful sketches but lacking the essential: empathy for the characters and what they experience. Too bad for the tasty tandem, William Lebghil and Margot Bancilhon.

TrailerAt Miami :

First Year: “We understood absolutely nothing of our dialogues”

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