Willow: the funny video from Disney Plus to introduce the cast of the series

Willow: the funny teaser of Disney Plus to present the cast of the series

Warwick Willow slams his young colleagues, and they pay him back.

On Friday, the big-eared firm took advantage of Disney Plus Day to unveil many unseen images of its upcoming films and series on the platform. Between two Marvel news and Star wars, we were also able to see a video shot on the film set of Willow, the series that follows the cult film by Ron Howard released in 1988 at the cinema. Warwick davis, who played the hero of the original feature film, returns, but not his sidekick Val Kilmer, the actor having lost his voice due to throat cancer (a drama recounted in his fascinating documentary Val, soon available on VOD). The British actor is therefore embarking on a round table, literally, to present the new cast of this sequel: Ellie Bamber (seen recently in the series The snake), Dempsey Bryk (who played Cal in the episode of Black mirror directed by Jodie Foster, Arkangel), Tony Revolori (known for The Grand Budapest Hotel and the new ones Spiderman) or Erin Kellyman, who was already giving Davis the answer in Solo: a Star Wars Story.

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The tone of the video is quite astonishing, with Warwick posing as a comedian “known worldwide”, of which “the most famous role” is the one from Willow… as millions of fans know him for Star wars Where Harry potter ! When he introduces his colleagues, who all hold “secondary roles” of course, he throws them small spades and they return it to him.n “Is that true? Was there a movie?”, asks one of them. “I was not born!”, responds another. “No I’m not going to have my face rejuvenated!”, Davis gets angry when he realizes that he has aged 33 years. “I was in Solo!, exclaims Erin Kellyman, when he seems not to recognize her. “Ah ok. Well, he’s the only one Star wars that I haven’t seen. Finally … I’m glad you’re coming back for this one. ” Except that this series does not take place in the universe of Star wars ! Their discussion ends when neither of them can pronounce “Warwick” correctly.

Series Willow, produced by Ron Howard and Bob Dolman, will be directed by Jonathan Kasdan (the author of Solo, definitely!) and Wendy Mericle (producer on Arrow). It does not yet have a release date on Disney Plus, with the video only stating “current 2022”.

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