With Les Vedettes, the Palmashow reinvents itself [critique]

Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais play Daniel and Stéphane, two lost losers who end up finding each other, in Jonathan Barré’s new film.

During its ten-year career, the Palmashow trio has been able to renew its ideas. Moving from Youtube to television, the artists finally arrived on the big screen in 2016 with their first film The Crazy Adventure of Max and Leon. First feature for a team accustomed to short formats, Max and Leon confirms the success of the Palmashow. And after a return to Youtube and notable appearances in the cinema with others, the trio returns to directing with their new film The stars.

Signed Jonathan Barré, this one is in the continuity of the Palmashow sketches. We find there the favorite actors of the trio (Julien Pestel, Sixtine Aupetit), and characters that we could believe escaped from one of their videos. Stéphane (David Marsais) and Daniel (Grégoire Ludig). One is employee of the month in a household appliances store, while the other would like to be a singer without succeeding. Two perfect opposites who hate each other but end up attracting each other when Daniel has the opportunity to participate in a famous game show. Embarking Stéphane with him, the duo set out to conquer the French audiovisual industry, against all odds. If all this recalls the sketches of the Palmashow and gives the impression of being faced with a banal repetition, it is however not so. of their sketches, The stars has retained only the form. The moral of the story, however, lies elsewhere.

Because under their silly airs, Daniel and Stéphane are in truth very built, and testify to the maturity of the trio at the controls. A little on the sidelines, these two figures of the loose are never laughed at. Daniel and Stéphane, by their marginality, make the others weird and that’s where the intelligence of the film lies.

Revenge of “France from below”, new emblem of the losers: The stars is a kind of second first film. Music, humor, emotion: everything is dosed, and you can feel it. Only downside: the realization which, for once, struggles to get out of the Palmashow nails as invited to do it more spontaneously The Crazy Adventure of Max and Leon. There is therefore plenty of room for improvement for the third opus of the merry band.

By Jonathan Barre. With David Marsais, Grégoire Ludig, Julien Pestel… Duration: 1h41. Released February 9

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