With Parallèles, Disney + transports Series mania into a fantastic universe (review)

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French science fiction executed with care, which assumes its inspirations before plunging us into its own universe.

A few weeks later Family weekend, here is already the second French series of Disney Plus. A new original creation with a completely different ambition: Parallels mischievously blends mysterious fantasy epic and nostalgia-fueled teenage drama.

Bilal, Romane, Samuel and Victor are four college students living in a small village in Savoie, which (unfortunately) is home to a particle accelerator! As they prepare to say goodbye to childhood to move on to high school, their lives suddenly change course: they are separated by a supernatural event, which propels them into parallel dimensions. What happened and how to go back?

This journey in space-time is eyeing a few destinations already visited: Stranger Thingsfirst, with his kids lost in another world. Darkabove all, with this bunker buried in the heart of a forest, which serves as the basis for the whole story… Parallels does not revolutionize the genre, but still manages to detach itself from its models and manages to invent its own tone.

While remaining in a Disney “vibe”, screenwriter Quoc Dang Tran does not limit himself to a childish patina. He does not hesitate to look further and will also be able to interest old fans of fringe. The creator of nox and co-writer of the terrific horror series, Marianne, executes his fantastical fable with enthralling sincerity and develops a fascinating universe around an endearing band of teenagers, perfectly embodied by a cast of promising young talents. A nice successful SF series.

Parallels will launch this Wednesday, March 23, 2022 on Disney Plus.

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