With Wind River, Jeremy Renner finally finds his great role

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Wind River Jeremy Renner
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The one we’ve been waiting for since Minesweeper.

NRJ12 will broadcast this Sunday, for the first time in clear, the very successful Wind river, by Taylor Sheridan. When it was released in summer 2017, First had really liked this film of the screenwriter of Sicario and Comancheria.

We would have to reopen the archives, do a little archeology, or simply rack our brains, to remember this world not so distant, but already totally swallowed up: when, at the beginning of the 2010s, Jeremy renner was the new hope of American cinema. The next big thing. All the specialized press (First the first) competed with laudatory articles, enamored portraits of the man who, at the dawn of his forties, after 15 years playing the anonymous second knives, had just chained two Oscar nominees (in Minesweepers and The Town) and made Hollywood drunk with desire. We rolled out the red carpet for him, we couldn’t imagine the future without him, we even wanted him to play in the biopic of Steve mcqueen. Project title : The King of Cool.

Career: Impossible

And then… everything went wrong. The King of Cool never saw the light of day and Renner has become the epitome of all that is wrong in the industry. Are the big actors now forced to spend their careers running in Spandex on a green background? Jeremy Renner will be Hawkeye, the last wheel of the carriage Avengers, the most ungrateful thing the superheroic universe can offer. Franchises have become more important than the stars but can’t really get rid of them? Renner becomes the face of this paradox by replacing Matt damon in Jason Bourne: the legacy, but without completely replacing it either, since the film still bears the name of Damon’s character … Impossible mission is even more depressing: originally cast in Ghost Protocol as a possible successor to Tom cruise, in case the latter throws in the towel, Renner, following the film’s box, will be reduced to utilities in the following episode (Rogue Nation), condemned to pass the dishes with Alec baldwin in transitional scenes. The actor becomes this eternal substitute, the replacement with wasted talent, who watches the game from the sidelines desperately awaiting his turn.

Taylor Sheridan: “My inspiration comes from loneliness”

Western man

The beautiful roles, the good films, exist all the same in his filmo. But then invariably in a supporting role, in the shadow of a star, or member of a whole cast. His nature as a “supporting actor” catches up with him. He is superb as a magician in love with Marion Cotillard (in The Immigrant), overwhelming as the mayor of a town in New Jersey that one would swear out of an episode of Soprano (in American bluff), credible as a sexy physicist (First contact)… But it still does not do much to eat. That’s why today Wind river makes us want to jump to the ceiling. On paper, we already suspected that Taylor sheridan (one of the best screenwriters and dialogue writers in activity, a fan of westerns seeking to restore some contemporary relevance to old western mythologies) and Jeremy Renner (his scowl, his stocky manhood, his “graphic” obviousness) would have things to say to each other. On the screen, it’s even better, the actor here inheriting a superb score of tracker obsessed with the idea of ​​finding the murderers of a young Native American, doubled by a father with private life in ragged, completely gunned down. Just theoutfit of the character, his snow vigilante outfit, is a triumph of precision: the cowboy hat, the binoculars bag with Indian motifs, the moonboots that sink into the powder … We realize that Renner’s silhouette had never was also well drawn in the cinema. In any case, not from the scene of Minesweepers where he was taking a shower in his uniform as a deceitful soldier. Coming out of a projection of Wind river, a colleague pointed out to us that this was the kind of role that Kevin costner could have held up in the 80s and 90s. That’s right – and Costner will star in Sheridan’s next project, the series, by the way. Yellowstone. But in the 60s and 70s, Steve McQueen probably wouldn’t have spat on a score like this either. Year in and year out, Jeremy Renner remains loyal to the King of Cool.

The trailer for Wind river :

Taylor Sheridan launches filming of his new series worn by Jeremy Renner

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