Without Nicolas Cage, Solid Gold Talent Could Have Been Made With Daniel Day-Lewis or Christian Bale

Without Nicolas Cage, Solid Gold Talent Could Have Been Made With Daniel Day-Lewis or Christian Bale
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In case the Flip-Flop star refused, his writers had a few actors in mind.

Nicholas Cage makes a splash with A talent in solid gold, an action comedy in which he plays with his image and his own career by playing a certain Nick Cage, a Hollywood movie star. If the actor explains in an interview to be very different from this fictional Nick Cage, he obviously appreciated the fact of being able to make fun of the clichés that run about him. But what could the film have looked like if he had refused to play the main role? The Hollywood Reporter asked the question to the screenwriters Tom Gormican and Kevin Etten, who reveal a surprising idea: just before receiving the approval of the actor, they have a time thought of hiring Daniel Day-Lewis or Christian Bale. Not so that they embody their own role, but so that they too play Nicolas Cage!

“In fact, we were told before we started that Nick had been approached for projects like this before and that he wasn’t crazy about Nick playing Nick, details the duo. As for us, we didn’t have enough successful scripts to our credit to be able to impose ourselves by answering: ‘No, believe us.’ The funny thing is that several studios were interested in this particular scenario. But there was an asterisk saying that if he refused, our project would fall through. We didn’t want to do this fuckin’ movie without him! No other version was written. So when he read it, we were doubly anxious. It wasn’t like we could offer it to someone else if they said no. Well, at times, I think I tried to open up to other ideas. The only good one we had, I don’t remember who it came from, was having either Christian Bale or Daniel Day-Lewis play Nick Cage. No one else had this mix of incredible talent and the love of the public, who want him to succeed.”

A Solid Gold Talent is currently in theaters. Here is its trailer:

Nicolas Cage – A talent in solid gold: “People think I’m crazy”

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