Without Respite (Netflix): a soft knee action film with Franck Gastambide [critique]

A rough-hewn remake of the Korean film Hard Day.

Régis Blondeau (photo director of But who killed Pamela Rose?Where Teachers) makes a first feature film in the form of a road trip. Tirelessly focuses on a corrupt police lieutenant (Franck Gastambide) who accidentally kills a man on the road. He hides the body and goes into a downward spiral, while his colleagues investigate the case… Where Seong-Hoon Kim found the right distance between irony and thriller with Hard Day (of which Tirelessly is the remake), Blondeau makes the tension disappear and dangerously approaches the involuntary parody. Freewheeling actors (Gastambide does what he can to carry the film along but seems overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster), sluggish or overcut action scenes, dialogues close to surrealism… Not much to save: rather review the ‘original.

Tirelesslyby Régis Blondeau, with Franck Gastambide, Simon Abkarian, Michaël Abiteboul… Duration 1h35. Available on Netflix.

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