Wonder Woman 1984 will be released direct on DVD and Blu-Ray in France

Wonder Woman 1984

See you on April 7 in your living room to finally discover the sequel to Wonder Woman in France.

Wonder Woman 1984 should not be released in theaters in France. Normal, since the cinemas are still closed until further notice, but we still had the hope of a release on the big screen when the cinemas reopened. behold Fnac has just announced than 4K DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray Wonder Woman 1984, victim of successive delays because of the Covid-19, will be released on April 7 – one week after the release of the disc in the USA. That said, it seems that nothing would prevent Warner from releasing the film in theaters, once they open again in France. We will find Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and even the Joker in Zack’s Snyder Justice League, the new assembly of Justice League, April 22 in France, but we do not yet know in what format. In theaters, on VOD, on DVD?

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Still directed by Patty Jenkins with Gal Gadot in the title role, Wonder Woman 1984 however, was released in US theaters on December 25, grossing $ 41.9 million. At the same time, the film was made available on VOD on the HBO Max streaming service, on which it is said to have racked up more than 14.9 million views. All over the planet, Wonder Woman 1984 raised $ 157.1 million in theaters, for an estimated budget of around $ 200 million. The studio, which maintained the release of Tenet in theaters last summer (making the latest Christopher Nolan the biggest success of 2020 in France with 2.2 million admissions), now has a strategy of simultaneous theatrical / VOD releases on its 2021 line-up (Godzilla Vs. Kong, Matrix 4, Dune…), provoking the anger of some filmmakers as Christopher Nolan

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