Wonder Woman is indeed a queer icon according to Lynda Carter


The actress wished all her LGBTQIA+ friends and fans a happy Pride month, defending her heroine’s bisexuality in passing.

At the beginning of June, Lynda Carter wished a “Happy Pride Month” has his “followers”on Twitter, with a nice drawing of Wonder Woman and this comment: “So excited to celebrate with all my LGBTQIA+ friends and fans.”

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A message that resulted in hundreds of positive messages, but also more virulent responses, which prompted the unforgettable interpreter of the superheroine in the 1970s to continue. Responding to someone telling her that “Wonder Woman is not a gay superhero”, she replied: “You’re right, she’s a bisexual superhero!” Then she has shared an interview with Greg Ruckain which the comic book author defended the sexuality of the heroine, who fell in love with a man, Steve Trevor, while having had Sapphic relations when she lived among the Amazons, a people composed only of women . “I did not writet Wonder Woman, Carter continues, but if you want to argue that she’s not a trans or queer icon, you’re not paying enough attention to it.” “Every time someone comes to tell me that WW helped them, so that they hid their homosexuality, it reminds me how important this role is”, she adds before concluding with a photo of herself posing as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. “I love getting all the love from LGBTQ+ fans today. So here’s a pic with a pose I call ‘I’m ready to beat all your homophobic relatives.’ I laugh. (Really?) Haha!”

In the interview shared by Lynda Carter and dating from 2016, Rucka was precisely asked about the bisexuality of his heroine. “When you think of the concept of Themyscira (or ‘The Island of Paradise’, which is all female Amazons), the answer is: ‘How could they not have same-sex relationships?’ We agree ? It wouldn’t make any logical sense otherwise. It’s supposed to be Heaven, a place where you live happily. In this context of happy life, an individual needs to have a partner, a romantic and sexual relationship that fulfills him. And the only options on this island are women. But an Amazon doesn’t look at another Amazon and say, ‘You’re gay.’ They don’t, because that concept doesn’t exist. You mean Diana has been in love with other women before? That she had relations with her? In my approach and that of Nicola, the answer is yes, obviously.” Incidentally, the writer refuted the idea that she left the island only for Steve Trevor’s beautiful eyes: “I think it diminishes her heroism. She’s not leaving because of Steve. She’s leaving because she wants to see the world, and someone from her clan has to go. She thinks it’s up to her. to make this sacrifice.”

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