Woody Harrelson also didn’t like his wig in Venom

This is why his character changes his hairstyle between the two films.

The surprise at the end of Venom to see Woody Harrelson appear as Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who in turn recovers the alien symbiote to transform into Carnage, has overexcited some of the spectators … but was also quite mocked, the actor having a short scene, in prison, with a improbable look: with his wig of curly red hair, he was quickly compared to the Simpsons killer, Tahiti Bob.

Interviewed about this by Cinemablend, as he prepares to return in the sequel to Venom, this time for a more consequent role still facing Tom Hardy, the actor admits to having also been disappointed by this haircut, which did not make quite as in the comics: “I thought it wasn’t a very good wig. The one in the new movie is a little redder, it works better. It’s a better wig.”

Woody Harrelson in Venom 2

For the rest, Let There Be Carnage, which is now performed by Andy Serkis, he does appear with another cut, shorter and in a different color, which he prefers. Just like cinematographer Robert Richardson (JFK, Aviator…), who took care of the light of this sequel and was able to have fun with the contrast of colors between the new hair of this character and the decorations which surround him, specifies the article.

Here is the trailer for Venom 2, which will be released on October 20 at the cinema:

Cletus Kasady transforms into Carnage in this preview clip of Venom 2

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