Y: The Last Man canceled! But season 2 is not yet lost …

Y: The Last Man

“We don’t want this to end. We are determined to find a new broadcaster.”

After saving Manifest, Will Netflix save The Last Man on earth ? Nothing is less sure ! The FX Production series, broadcast in France on Disney Plus – but on the FX channel and Hulu in the USA – has just been abruptly canceled. To everyone’s surprise, since season 1 was released only last month and was highly anticipated. We must believe that audiences are not at the rendezvous of the buzz generated by the original comic book by Brian K. Vaughan. Y : The Last Man will not have season 2, as announced, annoyed, its showrunner Eliza Clark on the networks.

“We have learned that we will not go any further with Y: The Last Man. In my life, I have never been so engaged in a story. There is still so much to tell… It is the most fulfilling and the most beautiful project in which I have participated. We don’t want this to end … “

The screenwriter therefore invites fans not to give up hope and suggests that it is still possible that the series will be saved by another broadcaster: “We are sad that the show stops on FX and Hulu. But we know that one day another broadcaster will have the chance to take this team and this story back… We are determined to find a new home in Y: The Last Man ! “

A determination shared by actress Amber Tamblyn (Kimberly Campbell) who tries to launch a hashtag of support: “Although I’m disappointed, I know this amazing series with so much to say will soon find a new home. Looking forward to the next chapter. If you’re with me, let the world know. #YLivesOn”

Comic book creator Brian K. Vaughan lent his support to the show crew. And in a long Instagram post, he explains that “this is not the first time in twenty years that I have seen Yorick escape the inevitable … I love this series and I hope that Y: The Last Man will find a new broadcaster. Not just because it employs more amazing women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ + community – both in front of and behind the camera – than any project I’ve ever been on, but because they did something spectacular! The kind of thoughtful, contemporary and fearless evolution that Pia Guerra and I have always wanted through our comics. “

While waiting to know if a platform or another channel is interested, season 1 of Y: The Last Man will end on November 1st. And that could well be the finale of the series …

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