Yao, with Omar Sy: this road movie offers some beautiful moments of cinema [critique]

The star of Untouchables returns to the land of his ancestors in this film by Philippe Godeau.

Omar Sy blurs the lines between reality and fiction in YAO, of Philippe godeau (The last one for the road, 11.6). The star, who herself has Senegalese origins, plays a famous French actor who goes for the first time to Senegal, to the land of his ancestors. On the occasion of its first unencrypted broadcast on television, this Sunday on France 2, we republish our review, initially posted online when it was released in theaters in early 2019.

Omar Sy: “I want to regenerate myself”

Famous French actor, Seydou Tall goes to Senegal, his country of origin, to promote a book. There, he meets Yao, a 13-year-old boy who, unbeknownst to his family, made the long trip to Dakar to meet him. Seydou decides to take him home. You don’t have to be a diviner to understand that this Seydou is a bit like Omar Sy, son of Africans who became a star, who invested body and soul in this project. Moreover, he does not hide it in the press kit where he establishes links between his private life and the shooting, made of encounters and sensations that sent him back to the past – unlike Seydou, he was already went to Senegal, his father’s country. The film in all this? We dare not speak of a “product” – despite his family calibration – so much the sincerity of the company transpires from each shot and so much the actor disappears behind his character, a frustrated father in the process of divorce who, through Yao, fulfills his fatherly duty. Paved with good feelings but animated by a tenacious melancholy, this road movie offers some beautiful moments of cinema. Two precisely: the first, when Seydou meets a Senegalese singer (Fatoumata Diawara, seen in Timbuktu) with whom an adventure seems possible; the second, when his path crosses that of a sort of feminine oracle that reconnects him to his ancestors. In this sequence, Omar Sy plays in front of a river whose opposite bank is located in Mauritania, his mother’s homeland. Sweet dizziness.

The trailer for Yao :

Omar Sy: “Lupine is our James Bond”

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