Yes, Matrix Resurrections has a post-credits scene (but that’s OK)

There’s a little surprise at the end of Matrix Resurrections, but nothing serious if you miss it. Oh good ?

Matrix Resurrections has just been released in French theaters. And you’d better stick around until the end of the credits … Um, actually, not really. If the fourth and exciting (as explained in our review) part of the franchise does contain a bonus sequence at the end of its credits, it is indeed only that: a bonus sequence, a wink, a little something for those who stayed .es to the end. Oh, obviously, we could just analyze this sequence in the artistic gesture of Matrix 4 (we do it after if you’re not afraid of spoilers), but it’s not at all a crazy teaser scene to announce the rest of the events – so not at all like, at random, in the films of the Marvel cinematic universe. Not really at random, in fact, since the initial idea of Matrix Resurrections is to question the fundamentals of contemporary blockbuster by questioning their methods of creation, marketing and storytelling. So if you miss that scene, nothing serious – but if you catch it, that’s cool too.

Matrix Resurrections: a surprising and cheering middle finger to the industry [critique]

Be careful, we are going to spoil the post-credits scene for you!

This is a scene where the developers responsible for imagining the Matrix 4 video game continue to argue around the franchise … and the first sentence spoken by one of them is quite significant: “the cinema is dead”. From this idea, the scene ends with the genius idea of ​​one of the designers: to integrate cats in Matrix, and rename Catrix. Another little finger of honor from Lana Wachowski, quite easy in the provocative anti-blockbuster franchise, but it’s still commendable on his part to have placed a post-generic scene there that is just that and nothing else. If you want info on Matrix 5, that will not be where you will find them. Moreover, “the cinema is dead” …

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