Yesterday’s World: gripping thriller at the Elysée [critique]

A President of the Republic faces an insoluble dilemma while the extreme right is at the gates of power. A political suspense crossed by a deep melancholy.

Can we be more anchored in the news? Le nouveau Diasteme (co-written with the Davet-Lhomme duo, authors ofOne President shouldn’t say that… on François Hollande and traitor and nothingness on Emmanuel Macron) begins shortly before the first round of the presidential election. The President – who has chosen not to stand again – learns from her Secretary General that between the two rounds a scandal launched by a Russian news site will splash her designated successor and propel the right-wing candidate to the Elysée. extreme. yesterday’s world recounts the three days that can change the situation with the central question of how far to go illegally to thwart this external interference. Here the discreet staging (no handheld camera, preponderance of shot-reverse shot) gives rise to a suffocating camera that gives pride of place to its characters and therefore to its performers. From the first (Léa Drucker and Denis Podalydès) to the second (Benjamin Biolay as Prime Minister, Thierry Godard as a possible future Head of State) roles, the result is faultless and plays an essential role in the atmosphere of a tense thriller and melancholy that underlies the story. Between an old world that is dying (in every sense of the term for a sick President) and the anguish of a leap into the unknown. Each face-to-face between its protagonists is a game of chess and no one knows who will emerge victorious and what everyone has in mind. This film which assumes its classicism keeps in suspense until its last shot.

Of Diastema. With Léa Drucker, Denis Podalydès, Benjamin Biolay… Duration: 1h29. Released March 30, 2022

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