Yi Ti’s Golden Empire at the center of a new Game of Thrones spin-off?

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A new animated series is reportedly in development for the HBO Max platform.

George RR Martin’s sprawling universe could expand a bit further. A new spin-off from Game Of Thrones would be under study, according to the Hollywood Reporter. While a first cartoon drawn from the works A Song of Ice and Fire was in “in the early stages of developmentt “last January, we learned that two other animated series could potentially see the light of day.

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We remain cautious because these are mainly avenues explored by HBO and nothing has yet been concretely ordered. But HBO Max is reportedly still working on an animated spin-off set in The Golden Empire of Yi Ti, territory that has never been seen in Game Of Thrones.

Yi Ti is a region of the mainland of Essos, near the south-eastern limits of the known world. His company is considered one of the oldest and most advanced of George RR Martin’s books. Yi Ti is inspired by Imperial China, in the same way that Westeros was inspired by medieval Europe.

Remember that, for now, only the spin-off House of the dragon, recounting the fall of the dragon trees from House Targaryen, received an order from HBO. Filming is in progress.

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